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kids wellness camp
q + a

what is the earliest time i can drop off?

8:30 is the earliest time for drop off and the camp with effectively begin at 9 am

what is the latest time i can pick up?

4 pm is the latest time for pick up, as the camp ends at 3 pm. pick-up after 4 pm will be an extra charge of $10.

will lunch be provided?

students are to provide their lunch, but we will provide snacks in between activities

can i pick up my child early?

yes, but the lead teacher alexia will need to be notified at drop-off.

who can pick up my child?

only the parents, guardians, and authorised pick-up personnel submitted during registration with PHOTO ID present.


what are the qualifications of the teachers?

alexia, the lead of the program is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with yoga alliance and is also certified in children and prenatal yoga. she is registered in the New York school system as a teaching artist and teaches music, dance, theatre, and yoga in schools. the assistant working with alexia has been trained to work with children and has gone over proper protocol for health and safety. overall, our main concern is the health, safety, and overall well-being of the child to ensure that they have an enjoyable experience!


what are the health + safety precautions?

alexia is cpr and first aid certified and can administer an epi-pen. we will notify parents of any health situations and we will call all numbers listed for contact if we need an early pick-up for a student feeling unwell. 

how many hours will my child be outside?

our main location will be at the BHS dance studio, and we will be able to use the fields for lunch and activities. if a student wants to go inside, we are always happy to accommodate the child's needs to go back to the studio with another adult.

what is our cancellation policy?

cancellations for our kids wellness camp must be made in writing to two weeks prior to camp start date for salt yoga credit. no discounts will be given if a child needs to miss part of camp for any reason. 

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