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salt yoga faq's

where are we located?

salt yoga is not a physical studio space! inspired by the elements of bermuda, we offer mostly outdoor classes (some indoor) in beautiful locations around bermuda

where are our outdoor classes?

azura: the seascape rooftop // from circular parking lot facing the ocean, head to the building on the right and climb the stairs to the next level parking lot. look left and we're on the square rooftop facing the ocean. you can also park up here if spaces are available

the loren: the rooftop // from the parking lot, walk towards reception and around the porch to the stairs at the end

what should i bring?

we provide sturdy cork yoga blocks for every practice, but you must bring your own yoga mat! we also recommend water bottles + sunscreen as some of our spaces do let some sunshine in depending on the day // time of year

how much is a group yoga class?


how do i pay for a class pass?

we accept credit cards via tilo pay, no cash payments at this time. (no account needed for tilopay -- accepts everything except amex)


can i sign my friend up for class?

at this time our booking system does not allow one person to book a class more than once -- if you are bringing a friend please have them create a separate account (with a separate email address!) and purchase a class pass under their account or create a family member under your profile where you can purchase a class pass for them under your account. 

when can i book a class?

our booking window for classes opens fourteen days prior to class time


do class passes expire?

yes. single class passes and 5 class packs expire one month prior to purchase, 10 class packs expire 2 months from date of purchase. we do not offer extensions on group class passes

are yoga mats or props provided?

we provide yoga blocks for most of our classes, but all practitioners must bring their own yoga mat. (forgot it one time? an instructor may have a spare in their car, worth asking!)

what happens in the event of bad weather?

if class is cancelled or relocated for weather, you will receive an email! no email = class is on. please check your email 30 minutes prior to class time just to be sure

what is our class cancellation policy?

group classes must be cancelled 12 hrs prior to class time to avoid losing your class pass. in the event of bad weather and a cancelled class, your class pass will be credited back to your account for future use 

what is our lateness policy?

we absolutely understand extenuating circumstances happen, but we ask for the courtesy of other practitioners and safety for your body that you do not arrive more than 10 minutes late to a group class. our paddle board yoga start times are very strict -- if you are late, you will need to swim out to your board. refunds on any group class passes will not be given if practitioners are late. 

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