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our class offerings

what is vinyasa // flow? 

our classes at salt yoga are rooted in the practice of vinyasa yoga. this style of yoga links breath to movement, inviting creative sequences of postures that flow one right into the other. 


open level vinyasa : truly open to all levels, this class will give practitioners options to modify + amplify their practice to best serve their needs. 


advanced vinyasa : a faster paced and more enhanced flow, this class assumes the practitioner has a regular asana practice and is open to the challenges of arm balances, difficult transitions, and exploring new ways to move the body.


slow flow : a juicy slower paced class that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. this is a great place to start your yoga journey with us if you're new to the practice!


sunrise vinyasa : an open level practice, this early morning class features a full body flow that will leave you awake + ready to take on your day. 


yang flow : this well rounded vinyasa class will include a quick warm up + sun salutations. from there we'll see two sequences, each one slow the first time + the repeated breath pace. we'll then combine both sequences into one long flow, cool down + savasana. 

virtual platform : a wide range of styles + practice lengths are offered to allow for a practice in the comfort of your own space.

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