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meet your people

want to be a part of the salt yoga team? reach out to us -- we would love to connect with you.


emily terceira

founder + lead yoga instructor

i’m emily terceira, and i am so excited for the opportunity to connect with you. i hope to empower you to be the best version of yourself, in physical body, growing mind and authentic spirit.


i found yoga while studying dance in university – in a world defined by rigidity and perfection at the barre, i craved freedom and creativity on the mat. yoga has taught me compassion – that we are in constant evolution, always reaching + growing past our edges. if we allow it, the physical asana practice goes much further than the movement on the mat.


i am trained in vinyasa, prenatal, restorative, yoga nidra, kids yoga, and stand-up paddle board yoga. i recently completed my 300hr advanced yoga certification with arrow yoga + wicked om, for a full 500ryt certification. in my classes you can expect to dance, play and explore your way through thoughtful and dynamic sequencing. while the dancer in me craves creative transitions, there is always the invitation to listen to personal body structure and inner creativity.


salt yoga was created out of my desire to inspire passion, growth and authenticity within. thank you for choosing to practice with us.


riley henderson

yoga instructor

i’m riley and i cannot wait to share my love of yoga with you. i began my yoga practice in 2016 after craving a connection with my physical body once again, which led me on a path to so much more. what i’ve discovered and felt being a student is what i love to share with you in class.


you will find my classes to be thoughtful, dynamic and encouraging. my goal for you is to leave class feeling blissed out and energized. i completed my 200RYT in 2020 - but my love for learning and growing as both a student and a teacher continues on each day.


dacotah baksh

yoga instructor

hi – i’m dacotah, and i am excited to share the magic of yoga with you! I began my yoga journey in 2016, as an avid student, and in 2020, i completed my 200hr ytt. for me, yoga is an expressive way to connect body and spirit, to find balance and strength, and to convey creativity and awareness.

in each of my classes, i hope to instill my love of yoga, and to inspire you to challenge yourself both physically and mentally. with encouragement, we will flow through dynamic asana sequences with a purpose of finding power and growth from within.


akilah beckles

yoga instructor

i have had a yoga practice in my body for over a decade. i started my yoga practice while a law student in london.  one evening, i was so anxious in heartbreak that I could not sleep. i tried the breathing exercise i had been taught in the yoga class at my local gym and went on to have a full and restful night’s sleep. it was then that i developed a keen interest in yoga, having experienced its power. 


when i returned home to bermuda during summer holidays, i would teach friends and relatives simple sequences i came up with based on the shapes of the sun salutations. i later worked as a lawyer for several years, filling my free time with yoga classes such as emily’s advanced vinyasa and ziria’s saturday vinyasa. in 2020 i finally fulfilled a dream to complete a 200hr yoga teacher training, and in 2021 i left the legal profession. it is my joy to now share the benefit of mind-body movement in community with the salt yoga team.


taeya dent

yoga instructor

hi, i’m taeya and i am so thrilled to be joining you on your mats! i started my personal yoga practice in 2017, at a time where i was looking for clarity. a short time after practicing i felt inspired to share what i had, and continue to learn on and off my mat. i completed my 200hr ytt in may 2018 and participated in the shamana method training in november 2020. my classes represent the practice as a whole - the journey of discovery. as i lead you on your mat you can expect to be encouraged to tune inwards, not only mentally but also physically, using our time to explore and have fun. i challenge you to find an inner awareness of the mind and of the body and to lead your practice with an open mind and an open heart.


ziria cuevas noriega

yoga instructor

hola, i'm ziria! i found yoga at the age of 18 when i went to a free gym yoga class, and though i did not have a clue what i was doing, i left with a sense of calm and peace. since then i've completed two 200hr trainings, one in india and one with noah maze + rocky heron. additionally, i am prenatal yoga certified and have recently begun my journey towards a 300 hr certification with jason crandell.


my classes are approachable + fun, and invite students to get out of their heads and out of the "seriousness" life throws at us and simply move. 


jenn knight

wellness coordinator

i'm jenn and i have loved salt yoga since its creation in 2021. salt yoga classes allow me the freedom to explore my love of movement and discipline on the mat, surrounded by the beauty of bermuda and led by amazing teachers. as wellness coordinator, i am your first point of contact for any questions that you may have regarding our salt yoga classes!


i first discovered yoga as a way to complement my dancing. i studied dance at university and canada's national ballet school, and have spent the past 12 years teaching ballet to all ages and abilities in canada, bermuda and the uk. i have managed dance programs and studios for many years and hope to bring my experience and love for all things movement to the salt yoga team.

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