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ayurveda with shara

ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. based on the idea that disease is caused by an imbalance in one's life, ayurvedic medicine encourages lifestyle interventions and therapies to regain balance in the body, mind, spirit and environment. 

ayurvedic principles - june 7

learn the history and concepts of an ancient vedic science designed for a happy, healthy life


incorporating daily ayurvedic practices - june 14

explore routines and lifestyle changes to incorporate into your life to become balanced

ayurveda and food - june 21

dive into the taste and qualities of food that create balance and healing

ayurveda and disease - june 28

discuss common diseases in bermuda and how ayurveda can be used to treat them

all sessions 7-9pm

$80 per session

$300 for all 4 sessions

please note : all sessions are recorded on zoom -- if you cannot make every session live you can still participate!


meet shara

shara crunden is an ayurvedic practitioner, yoga instructor and physiotherapist. originally from south africa, she now lives in bermuda with her beautiful family and fur-baby. after personally benefiting from the practices of ayurveda  in the south of italy, she pursued her passion for healing and after four years of study  qualified with high distinction from the ayurvedic institute of the uk. she loves to engage the unique properties and practices this ancient science has to offer, allowing us to be healthy and feel alive. 

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